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White Oak Bentwood Swings by Peter Fortune (Grad 2014 SALA)

Bentwood swings by Peter Fortune (Grad 2014 SALA) and the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture(SALA)


Walking along the UBC campus Main Mall, you cannot miss one of three steam bent white oak swing installations, an idea created by SALA’s director, Leslie Van Duzer, to promote a fun public space on campus.  

The swings can be found here:

1)      Steps from the Owl Daycare on Main Mall (formerly - Barn Coffee Shop)

2)      Near the intersection of Main Mall and Agricultural Rd

3)      By the Millennium Pavilion near the roundabout at Main Mall and Memorial Rd 

Here’s Peter Fortune doing his regular maintenance work on the swings.  For more information on the swings you can email Peter at